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Robin Cathleen Coale

Descended from a line of powerful female healers, Robin's healing work combines clairvoyance and intelligence with deep sensitivity and compassion. Her natural awareness and connection with non-ordinary realities enable her to easily access and traverse the shamanic realms, and, with the help of her spiritual allies, provide transformational healing to her clients. Robin's healing practice blends core shamanic techniques such as soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, extraction, and ancestral work with her mediumship, channeling, and hands on abilities for naming and clearing blockages in the body.

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Sardinia, Italy

Although born to do healing work, Robin came to the healing arts by a different path. After graduating from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, majoring in Political Science and Public Administration, she received a fellowship to work in the California State Senate. What followed was 16 years in legislative politics in California and the Western United States, including: Chief of Staff to the Assembly Minority Leader; Director of Governmental Affairs for the Western United States for US Sprint; contract lobbyist before the California Legislature, representing a wide range of corporate and non-profit clients, including Chevron, Alamo Rental Cars, and various school districts. Robin also played a major role in pushing through the gun control law in California.

Despite the success she achieved in her political career, a deep spiritual longing pervaded her life. She began seeing and communicating with spirits, the first being an angel. She left politics and earned a Master's degree in Counseling. After receiving her MA, Robin worked extensively with children, teaching and providing individual and group counseling to hundreds of children ages K-17, in Santa Fe public schools. Through it all, she continued to see and communicate with spirits, including ancestors and ascended masters. It was made clear to Robin that it was time to accept and employ the gifts of her lineage.

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Spring Solstice ceremony in ancient nuraghe site in Sardinia, Italy

Robin completed a 3-year advanced shamanic studies training program in California with Michael Harner, the author of The Way of the Shaman through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Robin also studied with Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth, completing her teacher training program and participating in workshops in Soul Retrieval, Healing with the Light, and Medicine for the Earth.

Robin is a licensed psychotherapist, shamanic healer, medium, and a teacher of shamanism and energy. Robin has a successful private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she works with clients individually and does remote healing work with clients throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.

To schedule a session, please contact Robin at: 505-690-0671 or email


shamanic healing santa fe

Message from Robin:

I believe in the importance of sharing one’s knowledge and wisdom to help my clients heal, re-claim their power and their voice, and to find joy in living their truest and most authentic lives. Despite coming from a line of women who had psychic and healing abilities, I was not taught anything of this nature. Instead, my experience in the areas of non-ordinary reality and psychic phenomenon was gained first-hand, beginning when I was visited by an angel, and subsequently through many visions and visitations from ancestors, ascended masters, and angelic beings. I did not have a teacher or mentor to help me make sense of what was happening or to normalize my experience. It wasn’t until years later through my trainings with Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman that I finally had a framework and understanding for my psychic experiences. I am grateful for my teachers and trainings, in both ordinary and non-ordinary realities, which provided initiations and guidance, and which moved me deeper into the shamanic realms. I am now pleased and honored to share my wisdom and abilities for accessing the unseen worlds to bring healing, power, information, and guidance to you.

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