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Working with Robin literally changed my life. Her work is extraordinary, her wisdom profound, her caring unending.
Kim Schiffbauer, Santa Fe, NM

I feel I owe my life and at least my sanity to Robin. I was going through a tremendous amount of physical, mental, spiritual, and psychological pain. I was losing everything; my marriage, my job, my health and all of my support. Robin did a first healing for me which helped a great deal. I believe I would have been hospitalized without it. Although it was a great help, I knew that I still wasn't able to handle all of the pain and loss in my life. I was receiving professional help but it wasn't until I contacted Robin again that true peace and healing occurred. It has been almost three months and I have been able to get back on track with my life. When I start to feel a little overwhelmed, I listen to the tapes again and find my strength and inner peace. I am a licensed counselor and nurse, and I have never witnessed such powerful, amazing healings. Thank you so much Robin for giving me my life back and for being so caring and supportive when I needed it most.
Kathy Capozzoli, RN, LPMCH, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Healers like Robin come once in a lifetime, if at all. She has been a God-send to me. As a psychotherapist myself, I can be quite particular upon receiving therapy and putting myself in the "patient's chair." Robin has a remarkable ability to understand the integrative systems of human wellness; understanding that wholeness is mind, body and spirit. Soul retrieval, for me, has catapulted my entire perspective on many things with a deeper understanding of myself, my personal transformations, and future growth. I am unable to express into proper words all that Robin has done for me, continues to do for me, and will do for me in the future.
Elizabeth Navaroo-Berrocal, LPC, NCC, San Antonio, TX

I have seriously referred 20 people to you....I've been feeling so good since the treatment you gave me so I want others to experience your work as well. You are a gifted healer! Thanks again!
Neva Healer, MS, LAc, Licensed Acupuncturist, Santa Cruz, CA

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Robin in Oaxaca, Mexico

My spirit was crushed, my heart was broken, and no one knew that I cried nearly every day. Despite 30 years of personal and professional success, countless psychic readings, transcendental experiences, and deep spiritual studies -- I still hurt so much inside. When a friend introduced Shamanism in the New Millenium, I read about power and soul retrievals for the first time, and instantly resonated with Robin Cathleen Coale's chapter, because she worked with Angel energy. What resulted was absolutely life-changing! Robin facilitated the healing of a lifetime. I cannot stress vigorously enough, how rich and deep this soul-reunification is. I feel healed, whole, complete, and humble inside. The sadness and anxiety has melted away, replaced by a lightness in my mind, body and spirit. Forgiveness has filled my heart, and I am living in a profoundly grateful state every day. I felt and I continue to feel, now 6 weeks later so complete, so full of life, self-compassion, love and joy. I am a Registered Nurse at Stanford Children’s Health in California. This level of healing is real, powerful, and unlike anything I have experienced before. Soul and power retrieval is a holistic healing modality that offers permanent, life-changing well-being in a way that western/allopathic medicine (as wonderful as it is) cannot achieve alone. Every single human being on the planet would benefit from this deep spiritual healing and soul reunification process. Robin is a gifted Shaman. She is inspired by a desire to help and to heal others. I offer my heartfelt gratitude and blessings to Robin and the Angels, and Spirit, for this beautiful life, this beautiful world, and this extraordinary healing.
Nancy Glidden, MSN, RN-BC, AHN-BC, Palo Alto, CA

Your sessions seem life-saving and I am so grateful for your generous heart.
G. Flowers, Santa Fe, NM

Dear Robin, I am very grateful for your support in my life and I want you to know that your work with me has been incredibly valuable. The world needs loving wise women supporting other women to rise and take back their power. Thanks for being that woman in my life.
Anonymous, Santa Fe, NM

energy healing
Meeting and working with Robin has been hands down the most transformative and healing experience of my life. I am a 28 year old woman who has suffered from complex PTSD for the last 25 years as a result of severe childhood abuse lasting from 4-18. For most of my childhood and adulthood, I was extremely depressed, dysregulated, and experienced active/passive suicidal ideation for most of my life. Since my early twenties, I have tried MANY healing modalities (classical psychotherapy, ayahuasca, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, EFT, and EMDR), and while each of those modalities helped somewhat, my progress was extremely slow. And to be honest, none of those modalities touched the existential hopelessness that I felt deep inside, as I felt extreme grief from the lifelong abuse I had sustained, as well as a deep despair that I would never get to experience what joy, love, or hope felt like. Working with Robin greatly altered the trajectory of my life: I noticed that after our first two sessions, I stopped experiencing any desire to self harm, my frequent suicidal ideations went away, and I developed the desire to LIVE on purpose. I also noticed that my lifelong heavy depression became much milder, I laugh and smile more easily now, and I feel a lot of newfound creativity that I didn't have before. I am very deeply grateful to Robin, and really, really cannot emphasize how powerful her soul retrieval work is.
Sophia L., Boulder, Colorado

Thank you Robin. For the first time in my life I feel self love for myself. I cannot thank you enough. My life was like a hoarder's closet and I really appreciate all that you do and have done for me. You are a real life angel.
Jenny, Denver, CO

As a physician I felt anxiety, doom and poor sleep were a part of my life especially after the pandemic. I have had 5 sessions with Robin over the past 2 months and my life has taken on a different path. Not only am I calmer and at peace, I have not slept this well in years. I would highly recommend a session with Robin.
Anonymous, MD, Deerfield, IL

I would like to thank you very much for the healing you provided for me. It has been a life-changing experience in the true sense of the word. I'm thankful that somebody like you exists on this Earth! Blessings and once again a deep thank you from the bottom of my heart.
TW, Munich, Germany

sacred shamanic healing santa fe The healings I have received from Robin are pure and profound. I have tried several different modalities from other healers and I can say from my heart that Robin is a true healer. What comes through her is always exactly what I've needed. Via Skype is just as powerful as it is in person. She is such a loving, compassionate woman that has a passion for the work that she does.
Peggy Kephart, Palmdale, CA

I must admit that I had no idea what to expect with a shamanic healing. It wasn't what I expected: it was more, way more. Robin's utmost professionalism put me at ease, as I was rather anxious. Not only is Robin a gifted healer in the true sense of the word, but she is also a licensed therapist, which melds both worlds into a heightened healing experience. She explained everything that would happen and stuck to it, all the while making me feel comfortable. The healing experience 'held', I've noticed a subtle but powerful shift…all for the better.
Donna Ketcheson, CNP, MSN, Santa Fe, NM

I want to thank you for working with me in such a beautiful, safe and supported way. My journey was very meaningful and important at this time, and I feel blessed to have been guided to you for such a journey.  I appreciate your integrity.  Your work/service comes from such a pure place, I left our session with a peace and thankfulness for you and your help.
Atma Devi, Astrologer, Santa Fe, NM

I honestly can't thank you enough. You have a gift, and it really is amazing that you share that gift with others in order to help and heal them. May the Universe bestow many blessings upon you for it. :)
Rob O'Keefe, Hudson, WI

shamanic journeying
Robin in Liechtenstein

I have waited a long time to write to you in regards to the positive impact of that session because it took a few weeks for me to truly comprehend the outcome of the healing process. I just wanted to say thank you. I haven't had any suicidal thoughts since undergoing soul retrieval; I smile more easily; I no longer experience frequent emotional crashes; and I spend more time outside with friends. I feel more like a whole person now and, though I have a few bad days, I do not feel plagued with depression, anxiety, or death wishes when I'm down. Additionally, if you recall, you found one of my animal totems—a male moose. I have discovered that this moose is embodied by a small group of close male friends—my martial arts training partners. My trust in men is no longer depleted, and my feelings of rejection have lessened. For awhile, part of me wasn't sure if the session would be effective, and then one day I realized I had gone three months with no suicidal ideations.
T. Pascal

Robin's shamanic healing has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. Each healing session has been sensational. While the exact feelings and experiences have been different, I have been greatly altered after each one. The effect on me has been a step-wise, sequential metamorphosis, like a transition from caterpillar to butterfly. I am a new person, a much better person after each healing. Thank you very much!!!
Dennis, Portsmouth, NH

I truly feel so much better as a person. I feel happier and less heavy. I feel more love for myself and who I am and more accepting of my physical being. I think the work that you do is so important and I feel so much gratitude towards the healing you and spirit provided me.
Kristen L., Ingleside, IL

Thank you so much Robin! Your healing, it's a blessing and the most important thing I needed. You are such a beautiful person inside and out, you are incredibly gifted helping so many people like me. I am so blessed and so fortunate that I met you!!!
Hani Bougherara, New York, NY

energy healing
Robin heading into the Amazon by boat for sacred plant ceremonies

My journeys and consultations with you have been if not life saving, life changing, for which I am deeply grateful.
Madeline Mandell, Santa Fe, NM

I am writing this from a place of utmost conviction and truth. I have tried numerous alternate healing modalities throughout my life. Believe me when I say I've tried it all.
Of all experiences I have ever had in the spaces of alternate medicine AND energy work, Robin's has by far been the most powerful. Working with her has been such a miracle and I feel as though I am indebted to her and to the glory of the universe. I had one session with her. My trauma is very deep. However, after one session alone (and within one week), people at work have noticed a difference in me.
I have hardly been functional at work for the past two years, so you can imagine how wonderful this has been for me. Furthermore, for more than two years I was unable to look into the mirror. Looking at myself was so unbelievably painful. This past week I have been able to look into the mirror every single day. In addition, I feel stronger physically.
I was tremendously weak before, to the point where I would be in bed for 15-16 hours a day. As you can tell, I'm over the moon and falling wildly in love with life. I've never in my life felt this way. Working with Robin is truly a blessing!
Sabrina N, New York

I am so grateful for your beautiful healing spirit. What a gift you have, and you give it so soulfully. I feel so different since the several soul retrievals. More love and trust in myself, and confidence. I'm still into the changing proces and there is always more ahead.
Elsie Rippel, Santa Fe, NM

When I met Robin, I was at a standstill emotionally and spiritually. Her talent as a practitioner of core shamanism has been key to my own ongoing transformation. I literally trust her with my very soul.
MK, Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe shamanic healing Experiencing Robin's shamanic work has been incredibly transformative. With each journey I have deepened my connection to Spirit, I have found my voice and I am living with more peace and joy than ever before!
Robyn Benson, DOM, Santa Fe, NM

Few women have impacted my life as profoundly as Robin. On the day of our first shamanic session, I pulled into her driveway as a rather exhausted woman in search of some spiritual support. Robin radiated warmth & divine energy, something that my soul longed to both soak up & to become on its own. Robin helped to keep me alive during some of my darkest years; and because her spiritual eyesight was keen, she provided shamanic answers rather than social accusations. Robin also taught me to trust my intuition — something that had been stripped away at a young age. Robin knew that I needed to find my voice again, to speak my truth; and she lit the torch that would lead the way along that path. If I could choose my family in a perfect world, I can safely say that it would include Robin. She is a strong example of what it means for a woman to boldly run with the wolves.
Amber Avalona, Albuquerque, NM

Santa Fe shamanic healing
Robin in Italy

How can I thank you for all the guidance, inspiration, wisdom you have given me? You are a very talented, caring, non-judgmental human being and I respect and appreciate your gifts.
Nancy, Santa Fe / Chicago

My personal experience with shamanic healing and soul retrieval with Robin was very rewarding and successful. Soul retrieval was a very effective method in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which originated from a life's history of exposure from a variety of traumatic, stressful events, which was unresponsive to classical psychotherapy.
Dr. Mel Richkind, PhD, DVM, Santa Fe, NM

I spent some 40 years walking this planet earth feeling as though something was missing. A sort of fragmented being if you will. After my very first session with Robin, I realized what was missing and also knew that this was the beginning of a transformation period. I knew I would have to apply myself to the work that had to be done in terms of honoring the gifts that were returned to me. I can say without a doubt it has been one of very few life changing experiences in my life thus far. A magical time.
Sandra Lennon, Santa Fe, NM

Robin, I wanted to share something with you from my trip home after our session. While driving home I experienced Joy for the first time in years. Thanks for all your help. I don't understand a lot of it, but can't argue with the results.
Gary Harris, Farmington, NM

energy healing I was blessed to be led to Robin when I had no power, energy or hope. She instantly helped me to regain my strength, through a soul remembering and soul retrieval. The information was incredibly synchronistic, but the way I felt was also just so profound, and lasted beyond the session, creating an almost effortless leap forward. That was a couple of years ago. I have continued to receive healings from Robin periodically, which always shifts my consciousness, perception, and ability to take confident action in my life. Another thing about Robin is her generosity and encouragement. She has provided tools and empowerment. I have taken classes with her that have allowed me to enter into the spirit world on my own now, and she never doubted me when I felt resistance or fear or a lack of confidence. I highly recommend Robin as a healer, teacher, and counselor, and cannot thank her enough for all of the ways she has blessed my life.
PJA, Santa Fe, NM

Robin, after our session, I felt better immediately. After I listened to the tape I realized the full extent of the healing that went on in my behalf. I am so grateful to you and all of the spirit helpers who took part. I am truly blessed that you crossed my path. You are a beautiful, gifted healer.
Jude Garrett, Tacoma Park, MD

I had been looking forward to the session for a long time in hopes of finding some relief in your work. I don't think in the fifteen years that I have been consciously working toward healing that I have ever had such a powerful session and I want to thank you for all the work you have done.
Sudarshan, Santa Fe, NM

soul retrieval After my first session with Robin doing soul retrieval, I can finally for the first time say I feel comfortable in my own skin. This is crucial to me as I am a licensed cosmetic acupuncturist, and it has enabled me to transfer energies of a higher sense of confidence, self-esteem and self-love onto my patients. Robin is very in tune to my needs and her warm, loving spirit shines through in her work.
Dr. Peggy Meents, DOM, Tempe, AZ

I have worked with Robin on and off for years and have found her approach to be enormously helpful with my own process of personal understanding. This is a woman who is deeply committed to self-actualization and is skilled and gifted in accessing information through shamanic work. I would highly recommend her to anyone on the spiritual path of self-awareness.
Richard D. Stott, Santa Fe, NM

Your gifts and your work are priceless...Our sessions together are making a huge difference and certainly helping me toward my goal. Also the Love and Light you shine forth to me, and the world is such a gift and blessings to all of creation. I am so deeply thankful and blessed to have you in my life.
Akira Anderson, Santa Fe, NM

shamanic healing santa feSo grateful to have found you...You have been such a great beacon of hope, healing and light! Thanks!
Fran, Amarillo, TX

I am overwhelmed at the healing I received from Robin. When she did the healing on my chest and lungs, she said that it had to do with grief. The constant cough that I had for seven years since my father’s death is completely gone since the healing. In addition, major obstacles that had been holding me back quickly dissolved.
Scott Lucius, Columbus, OH

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