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Robin is a mentor, teacher, and guide to individuals who feel called to the shamanic path, who seek a deeper connection to the Divine through the ancient tradition of shamanism, or who need assistance in understanding and interpreting energies and paranormal or psychic phenomena.

Robin teaches how to access non-ordinary reality through the ancient art of the shamanic journey for purposes of bringing in more power, healing, information, and light for oneself and others. She guides her students through their internal and external journeys, helping them to better understand non-ordinary realities and assists in the interpretation and normalization of their experiences.

Through the process she shares the collected wisdom she has gained through over twenty years of shamanic experiences and trainings.

In the Information Age, knowledge has become a form of currency, something to be horded and greedily dealt out to those deemed worthy. Fortunately, there are still those among us who - like their ancient spiritual role models - willingly open their hearts and share their wisdom with others in the community, giving freely, with love, grace and compassion. Robin Cathleen Coale is such a person. A generous spiritual guide, healer and wise woman, Robin's unique shamanic gifts have assisted me on my own path to wholeness and self-understanding. I feel honored and deeply blessed to have been a recipient of her immense generosity and healing wisdom. Thank you, Robin.
Bettina Giancana-Kane, Tucson, AZ

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Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Robin, I want to thank you again for sharing your gifts and knowledge.  I had a beautiful affirming session today that literally blew my socks off. My partner in the class exercise and I brought back gifts for each other which were identical to what the power animals represent in native teachings (I have no prior knowledge of what different power animals represent…) what a confirmation of the validity of this work.  I am simply astounded.  The work you are doing is nothing but healing, affirming and uplifting.  I am truly grateful for this experience and am deliciously excited to continue down this path with you.
J. Michael Cox, Santa Fe, NM

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Robin in Ecuador


Robin mentors individuals seeking guidance on their personal or professional path and individuals who are starting a professional practice or currently have one to assist them in meeting their goals.

Mentoring topics are designed specifically with the individual’s objectives in mind and can include, but not limited to, topics such as: creating sacred space, creating and maintaining strong energetic boundaries, how to co- create with Spirit to achieve your goals, and how to expand your business.

Thank you for your time and your wisdom yesterday. I really felt much better about where I am and the steps I am giving after our conversation. You gave me so much reassurance and peace of mind.
EM, Spain

I just wanted to thank you for your teachings and guidance. My ability to connect with my allies has greatened and so I’ve experienced deeper connections that have brought much-needed insights and healing.
Shannon McNulty, Santa Fe, NM

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Santa Fe, NM

Mentoring is an age-old tradition of sharing wisdom, knowledge and experience with individuals of lesser learning, training, and experience.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a mentor as "a trusted counselor or guide, a tutor and coach."

In Greek mythology Mentor was a friend of Odysseus who was entrusted with the education of Odysseus’ son Telemachus after he left for the Trojan War.

Robin—I can't begin to express how grateful I am to have connected with you. This weekend was incredibly healing. I feel so much better and as though I am returning to—or in many ways, experiencing for the first time—joy. As you say, there is true magic in this work and you are a true healer.
MS, Albuquerque, NM

Thanks to Robin I have been taking awesome shamanic voyages since her initiation of me into this amazing work. I found Robin's instructions for taking the shamanic journey excellent. I was able to take journeys on my own immediately that have provided awesome answers to my questions.
Mary Anne Fleetwood, Rehoboth Beach, DE


Robin offers a variety of trainings in shamanism from learning the basic art of the shamanic journey to the more advanced shamanic practices of soul retrieval, extraction, and psychopomp. Robin has taught in the United States and Europe. Classes are posted on her blog at: Robin also offers personal individualized training in all of the above.

The following is a list of some of Robin’s offerings.

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Triesen, Liechtenstein

Basic Shamanic Journeying

Students are initiated into the ancient art of the shamanic journey for the purpose of connecting and receiving information, healing, and power from spiritual allies. Through the aid of ritual and drumming, students are guided into altered states of consciousness to find a power ally, retrieve power for another person, locate and interact with a spiritual teacher and learn how to perform long-distance journeys and healings. The shamanic journey is a gateway with infinite possibilities for healing, empowerment, and information based on ancient tried and true techniques.

shamanic classes shamanic workshop

Soul Retrieval

This course is for the serious student who wishes to learn how to retrieve lost soul parts which have left the body due to shock, loss, trauma, or pain. Students learn how to retrieve a lost soul part for another person and bring it back whole and complete. Students also have the opportunity to release any soul parts of other people they have unknowingly held. Knowing how to journey and having a strong relationship with your power allies is a pre-requisite to this course.

shamanic classes


This course delves into the shadow through shamanism. Students learn how to identify and remove unwanted energies from the body, including cords that take away power and light, cords that dump toxic energy into the body, curses, and other negative energies which can appear in various forms and cause illness, disruption, and disease.

Robin's presentation to introduce shamanism and power animal retrieval at the Real Speaking graduate reunion was not only powerful in the moment, but long-lasting in its results. Months later, I am still receiving comments about the depth and impact of the soul connection she inspired.
Gail Larsen, Real Speaking, Santa Fe, NM

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Machu Pichu, Peru

I wanted to thank you again for the class. It was a very comfortable and safe group of women. It was so much fun. Most of all I wanted to tell you that not everyone is a teacher and you are amazing. You commanded the room with ease, expressed everything in a way that was easily understood, told us wonderful stories, and did all of that with such love and passion for the work that you do. Thank you again...
Peggy Kephart, Palmdale, CA

Robin, Dearheart, your Zoom today was so timely. For me, as it is for others, it always seems to come in the nick of time to encourage, reassure and connect me to the All That Is. The meditation/transmission was so powerful for me; I saw and experienced my mind transforming into a beautiful rose-colored rosebud that slowly opened into a full, glorious bloom that flooded my whole body in rose light. I feel so comforted and soothed. Thank you always for your soul-saving work. All Blessings and Light.
Gail Flowers

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