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Shamanism Unveiled: An Expert Shares Ancient Healing

Guest blog post for the Paranormal Healing Project, March 31, 2016

As a shamanic healer and clairvoyant, I have been asked to write for Amber’s blog on the Paranormal Healing Project. While the word paranormal means extrasensory or outside normal sensory channels, I will be using the terms “non-ordinary reality” — which is a shamanic term used to describe the realms accessed while in an altered state of consciousness. I am writing from both my professional experience and my personal experience.

There have been times when people have told me they don’t believe in angels, ghosts or spirits. I tell them I do because I have seen them, heard them, and felt them, hundreds of times over the last 20 years, both with my eyes open and my eyes closed, both in a shamanic state of consciousness and in a normal waking state. I don’t try to convince people of what to believe, nor will I try to do that with this post, but I know what I see, feel, and sense is true in my world. Luckily I have a profession where the gift of sight and ability to travel in non-ordinary realities is an asset and both valued and desired.

The first visitation I had was from an angel with red hair. I had just climbed into bed to go to sleep when an angel with red wavy chin length hair, milky skin and blue eyes appeared at the foot of my bed. I put my fingers up to my eyes to determine if I was awake or dreaming. I was indeed awake, and she was right there before me. I don’t know how I knew she was an angel, but I just did. I did not hear anything (my clairaudience had not yet awakened); she stayed for a few minutes while I continued to open and close my eyes, and then she disappeared.

Three weeks later I was in Georgetown, outside of Washington DC, and went into an art gallery; and much to my surprise there was a large painting of an angel with wings and red hair! I believe that was Spirit’s way of letting me know that my vision was real and to not doubt. I bought the painting and it still hangs in my home. Later I began seeing and experiencing many other beings from beyond the veil, including ancestors, saints, Native American spirits, and the darker spirits too. This was the beginning of a deep exploration of the shamanic path and the shamanic way.

Shamanism is the most ancient form of spiritual healing on the planet, dating back approximately 40,000 years and has been found on every continent and in most indigenous cultures throughout the world. For tens of thousands of years shamans have been the healers, diviners, medicine men/women psychologists and even priests/priestesses for their people. The word shaman comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and refers to someone one who “sees in the dark;” or put another way, someone who sees beyond the veil of this reality as we know it. Shamans induce an altered state of consciousness — usually through the steady sound of a percussion instrument — in order to travel into non-ordinary reality for purposes of bringing power, healing, guidance, and information to an individual or family.

Ordinary reality is the world we live in. Non-ordinary reality is another world that is very real, but not so ordinary. This non-ordinary world is full of all variety of spiritual beings — including (but not limited to) power allies who can appear in many forms, such as animals, winged ones, fish, nature devas, plant and tree spirits, to name a few; as well as angels, ancestors, spiritual teachers such as saints, ascended masters, great ones who previously walked the planet, medicine men and women, shamans, and deities from all religious backgrounds.

These beings are very much alive even though the average person does not see them, and they have incredible gifts to share in service to humanity. Because we live in a dualistic world, there are other spirits found in non-ordinary reality who are not working as benevolent allies for the human race, and they include entities and demons.

Shamans believe that every cause of illness and dis-ease has its root cause in a spiritual imbalance, and that this imbalance is caused by one or more of three factors: soul loss, power loss, or the intrusion of unwanted energy. Shamanism focuses on restoring wholeness and balance to an individual by moving into an altered state in order to bring back power, retrieve lost soul parts, remove unwanted energies, and/or receive information or guidance for the client. Healing may also include ancestral healing to heal something that may have been passed down through the lineage, as well as healing trauma from past lives which may be bleeding into the present life.

Often people come to me because they are not getting the healing that they are searching for through conventional medicine. The answer to healing lies in looking at not just the physical but the emotional, mental, and spiritual as well. Years ago a client came to me because she had a bothersome rash on her back that had been there for over a month, despite seeing a dermatologist and getting a topical prescription. The skin is like a third lung and needs to breathe. A rash can oftentimes indicate that there is something inside the body that it is trying to release. The rash developed on my client while she was spending time in the hospital with her dying grandfather.

A shamanic diagnosis showed me that an older man who died in the hospital and who did not find his way into the Light, found his way into my client’s body. This was a spiritual possession and her illness, i.e. rash, was directly connected to the deceased man occupying space in her body. The solution was to “psychopomp” the spirit of the man who had died out of my client’s body and into the Light. After one session, her rash disappeared. This is one example of how unwanted energies in a client can cause a disturbance.

Psychopomp is a Greek word meaning leader or guide of souls. One of the many roles of a shaman is to assist a deceased person, including disincarnate human beings who are earthbound (i.e. ghosts) to pass into the Light, as well as to release negative or unwanted energies from a person or place. Ghosts are just individuals who have deceased, and who for a variety of reasons have not moved on into the Light. When people die suddenly, through accident, war, murder, or even suicide, their spirit/soul may miss the window into the Light. And, if someone dies and has a lot of unfinished business or has a strong attachment to their home or loved ones, they too may not pass into the Light and instead remain earthbound.

There exists an entire world beyond what we can see with our eyes. Australian aborigines believe that the dreamtime is actually the real reality and that what we see and experience in our normal everyday life is really the dream. We are spiritual beings living in human bodies, and for true healing to occur we must look beyond just the physical into the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies as well. Shamanism is not the only path, but one of many paths for wholeness and healing.

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